Terms And Conditions Of Boarding Kennels

- All animals must have an up to date veterinary certificate of vaccination, which will be inspected upon arrival. These must be carried out at least 14 days before bringing your dog to our kennels.
- Bedding, leads and toys can be supplied by the owner, but the kennels take no responsability for loss or damage.
- Payment: All accounts are due on the day of arrival. All animals are charged from the day of arrival until the day of departure.
- No dogs will be allowed to be dropped off or collected outside the opening hours.
- Management reserves the right to refuse the boarding of your dog for the safety of our staff and other dogs.
- On admission, the dog owner must leave their full name, address and phone number, an emergency contact number and their veterinary practice details.
- A deposit may be taken wich is non-refundable.
- Kiche K9 Training Ltd reserves the right to gain ownership of the dog if he is not collected within 10 days of the stated departure date; if no communication from the owner, or owner's agent, is received and if efforts to contact the owner fail.
- The dog owner must understand that while every care will be given to their animal, they are boarded entirely at their own risk and the management will take no liability for any injury, stress or ill-health arising from their visit.

- I authorise Kiche K9 Training Ltd to call a veterinary surgeon of their choice on my behalf if it will be neccesary and act upon his advice. The expense incurred is to be met by the owner of the animal.
- The infectious bronchitis vaccine does not give 100% protection against kennel cough and the owner takes full responsibility for this. The management of the kennels will not be liable if the dog catches kennel cough.
- I accept that whilst every attempt will be made to administer medication to the dog, this may not always be possible by our staff due to the pet being unwilling to take the medication.

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